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Paling Fencing Hobart

At TASFENCE, we provide customized paling fencing design and installation services all over Hobart. We can provide treated pine as well hardwood paling fences according to your needs and preferences.

  • Use the best materials such as galvanized steel posts to make paling fences
  • Dig over 500mm depth and set posts in concrete
  • Use galvanized steel nails and screws which makes them weather-proof and durable
  • Level the palings with a spirit level
  • Install 2 to 4 rails depending on the fence height

The result, our fences offer better durability and strength than any other paling fencing company in Hobart.

You Can Choose From These Paling Fences:
  • Conventional overlapped design which permeates light
  • Lattice finish that can make your garden look even more beautiful
  • Capping finish that makes your fencing weather-proof

We can help you customize your paling fencing further with a range of patterns that you can choose from such as 'drop loop', 'clipped top', 'straight top', 'one up one down' and many others.

We offer steel and other metal picket fences in Hobart. Some of our metal pickets come with pressed spear tops for added security. This type of picket fencing is ideal for schools, child care centers, factories etc. At TASFENCE, we custom-design your metal pickets to suit your liking.

Paling Fencing Hobart
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